Intro to Design II AUTOCAD


The EDNS262, Intro to Design II AutoCAD course focuses on the practical application of AutoCAD for solving engineering problems and the portrayal of those solutions in an appropriate manner for clients. This class is intended to provide relevant instruction and practice for students in Mining, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Environmental Engineering and to demonstrate how various engineering disciplines are interrelated in a real-world construction project.

The course consists of:

  • One Project Section Per Week, modeled as if the class is a consulting engineering firm that responds to a Request for Proposals with Clarification Requests, a Design Proposal, Implementation of the Analysis, and a Presentation of the Design to the client
  • One Graphics Section Per Week, focusing on AutoCAD techniques


Project Overview

Students are immediately challenged to design and prepare three-dimension drawings of a small pump station (or other facility). Students can expect to learn how to create:

  • Site Drawings, including terrain design, earthwork quantities, environmental impacts, and use of AutoCAD styles
  • Structural Drawings, including 3D representation of superstructure materials (concrete block, steel, or timber), doors, and concrete foundation
  • Element & Assembly Drawings for mechanical components such as piping and fittings
Example Drawings from EDNS262(Click for Larger Images)