Spring 2020 Design I Final Competition

Section C: Barberry Boys

Solution Summary: Ridding our forests of invasive Japanese Barberry to restore natural ecosystems.

Team Members: Milo Hoesly, Gabe Hohman, Morgan Benjamin, Quint Von Lengerke, and Nathan Esterkyn

Instructor: Leslie Light


  1. Hello team, congratulations on making it to the final competition! My initial questions for you are:

    -What is your solution’s tie to the CFP – how does this invasive plant impact wildlife (beyond what was described in the cost benefit summary) and what role do humans play?
    -My impression from your video is that this is a plant that propagates via a root system. If this is true, how will removing one section impact the overall problem as shown in your opening images?
    -Who were your stakeholders and how did they drive your design?
    -How did you validate your solution’s capacity to remove the barberry plants? Is there sufficient mechanical advantage?

    Thank you.

    • Good Morning!

      Primarily, Japanese Barberry causes widespread damage to any ecosystem it ventures into. Not only does this impact the local plants and fauna, but the side effects caused by this invasive species are vast. These impacts include the previously mentioned deer and tick relations, but in addition, due to biological tendencies, other issues at the bottom of the food chain, caused by Barberry, creates issues all the way up.

      Researchers Robert E Clark and Chad L. Seewagen, who published their findings in the Environmental Entomology Journal, have compared different arthropod communities in areas that have Japanese Barberry, and in areas that do not have it. They determined that the arthropod communities were much less diverse and complex in a Barberry infested forest, compared to those in the natural forest — specifically, there was a lower number of individual species, and an overall lower abundance of these arthropods. While this does not sound that terrible, since arthropods are on one of the lowest rings on the food chain, the potential for a single event to disrupt the entire weakened level of the food chain could result in a loss of life for all levels of the food chain. Even if an outbreak does not devastate the biologically weakened arthropod community, the loss in numbers directly relates to a loss in migratory birds to areas that are infected with Barberry — their food supply has shortened.

      The other main issue revolves around Barberry’s chemical properties. Barberry is very effective at converting its local ecosystem to something new, in order to help grow more Barberry and less local plants (guaranteeing Barberry’s survival). Wherever Barberry grows,the pH in the soil is altered, as well as the function and nutrient cycling of the soil. Since local plants lose dominance, animals that rely on those plants for subsistence will be unable to survive in a Barberry infested forest, resulting in them leaving the area of infestation.

      In the video, we only discussed the impact between deer and ticks, as they were the easiest to convey in a 3 minute video, compared to these more complicated relations.

      While humans were not the ones who planted the Barberry across the forest floor, we were the species that introduced it to an environment unsuited to combat Barberry’s invasive tendencies. Therefore, it is our duty to fix the problems that we created, in order to preserve nature and its wildlife.

      The surest way to make sure the plant doesn’t grow back (90% germination rate) is to completely remove it from the ground, roots and all. Stakeholders such as park rangers, lot owners, and farmers already remove these plants one at a time, slowly, using various methods. They asked for a more effective tool so they could use this method exclusively rather than spraying or cutting the plants which requires multiple treatments and is still not 100% effective. We’re enabling them to remove the plants one at a time much more efficiently and ergonomically so they can keep up with the problem.

      We had many stakeholders input their thoughts into the design, whether it was in the first steps of the project, or when looking at our final video. Primarily, our stakeholders were people who work on land that is infested with Barberry. One example is Douglas Paul, who spends multiple hours a week pulling out Barberry on the property you actually saw in the beginning of the video. He currently uses industrial vehicles and chemicals, and his experience with these topics allowed him to give detailed advice for the design of the product in its later stages. Other stakeholders are people like Kris Erikson, who’s job is to remove invasive species from ecosystems — initially gave the team information and advice, as he saw problems with the current methods of removal. His input is one of the primary reasons we focused on our mechanical solution — he stated he uses the Root Lever, but that he had issues with it.

      Our solution validation was primarily done via stakeholder input, as we were unable, as a team, to physically build the entire device and test it on plants due to COVID-19. A stakeholder initially estimated that 300 pounds of direct, upward force on the stem would be more than enough to pull the plant out, given his current methods for removal — industrial vehicles. Later, when our solution was complete, stakeholders analyzed the claw and our method for creating the ~300 pounds of force required to pull the plant out — they agreed that our current solution will work.
      Since a current, valid method to remove the barberry (the Root Lever) has a lever that is the same size as ours, but has no advantage via pulleys, mechanically our device should work even better, with less physical effort required.

      Sorry for the long winded responses! If you have any other questions, we would love to hear them!

      • Hi Quint, thank you for your response! Items 1 and 4 were particularly helpful. Just to clarify Item 2, your solution will remove not only the above ground plant, but much (most?) of the root system as well? Are there any issues with removal difficulties associated with additional plants growing off of the root system?

        • That’s great to hear that items 1 and 4 helped! In order to meet requirements, Quint gave this question to me to answer.

          The Root Ripper is intended to pull the plant up whole, meaning that no roots will be left behind. This is done to make sure that the plant doesn’t grow back from any root fragments left behind. When removing plants from the ground, it is rare to see that the roots break, so this should not be much of a concern. When pulled out, Barberry’s immediate roots tend to stay in a clump right under the stem.

          The way Barberry’s roots spread to grow other plants is unique. Here is a simple drawing of Barberry’s additional root growths that we just made: (https://i.imgur.com/949NNQS.png). As you can see, the roots are pretty shallow; the strong roots only go at most around 1 foot to the side, and most of the roots only go around 1 foot downwards.

          We also have a picture of what this looks like from above the ground: (https://i.imgur.com/ShOwUXA.jpg). The red circles are the ‘clumps’ we have been talking about. Since the Barberry clumps are all connected and close together, by pulling out the largest Barberry stem, much of the time the rest of the plant will come out as well. But if they don’t come out, it is easy to reset our system in order to pull out the stragglers. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any difficulties created by the presence of additional Barberry connected via the roots.

          • Thank you, Ben!

  2. Hi Barberry Boys, good presentation and cool CAD simulations. Here are some questions:

    1) How did the CFP motivate you to come up with this design? How is barberry affecting animal-human interactions?

    2) Have you considered what changes/environmental impact might occur given the removal of such large swaths of barberry? Though it is invasive, once it is removed you mentioned ticks going elsewhere and deer populations changing. What will happen to these two species for example and how might that negatively impact another eco-system?

    3) Did you design allow for blade spacing to avoid excessive clogging/stems getting stuck in the blades? Can you speak to the overall design constraints you considered?

    • I posted this as a regular comment on accident, but here are your answers:
      Thanks for the questions!

      The call for proposal, specifically, is:
      “As a result of the increasing danger to both human and animal, we are seeking novel approaches rooted in engineering and/or science that will allow for human endeavors to thrive while reducing the negative consequences currently affecting wildlife and their habitats.”

      Our group initially was interested in how human mistakes are leading to the destruction of ecosystems. One of the team members talked to his family, which was having problems with Japanese Barberry on their property. With more research, we learned about Japanese Barberry and how it impacts not only the plants and their environment, but also the animals that live in that environment. A few examples include an increase in tick populations, a decrease in deer populations, and others that weren’t in the video, including food chain weakening and soil quality degradation. (We talk about these in detail in the answers to Karen’s question.)

      By removing Japanese Barberry, we hope to restore the natural balance in the environment, which was damaged due to human’s fostering Barberry. In essence, Barberry’s presence is an extension of humans, and therefore, humans are the cause of all the aforementioned environmental issues.


      In a wildlife and ecosystem restoration situation, the people operating our device will most likely be forestry service professionals or instructed volunteers. In these cases, it is common to replant native species of grasses and shrubs that would typically inhabit the forest floor. This serves two purposes; first of all, it allows the forest floor to return to its natural order much sooner than it would normally. And secondly, it fills the ecological vacuum left by extracting so many plants from an area. As described in our problem validations, Barberry propagates both asexually and through seed bearing fruits. Therefore, if the forest floor was not replanted following the removal of Barberry, an area left open would be incredibly susceptible to being recolonized by Barberry. Eliminating large swaths of Barberry and replanting with native species is a good way to seal the vacuum created by its extraction.

      The Root Ripper does not actually operate with blades; it uses a claw to grab onto the barberry’s stem and pull on it. Barberry’s stem is soft and woody, making it easy for the claw to grab on to, while making it difficult for the plant to break into pieces and clog any systems in the first place.

      The other sub-component of this product is the trailer-compacting system. When physical testing was done for this system, the soft wood actually made this system more effective, as it was easier to compress.

      If you have anything else, please let us know!

  3. Great video with really clear mechanism function! My questions for you are as follows:

    #1 Is the flat top intended to be a place to bundle and store removed Barberry?
    #2 Can you share a bit more detail on your cost model and distribution. For example, are you selling direct to landowners?

    • Thanks for the compliments!

      1. The flat top of the cart is intended to protect the pulleys from impact, as well as protect the user, children and animals from getting caught in the pulleys. There is nothing stopping the user from placing the Barberry on the top of the cart, however, the cart is intended to be used in conjunction with the trailer/truck bed attachment shown in the video. Given this attachment’s ability to compress and contain Barberry, and that in general Barberry takes up a lot of space, it would be unlikely that users wouldn’t bring vehicles or transportation devices to move the ripped Barberry out.

      2. When determining a cost for our design, we had to consider many variables — primarily, where it will be manufactured. Mass production manufacturing in the US, although preferred, would cost twice as much per unit as manufacturing overseas. The second consideration was the specific materials our device was made of. Manufacturing the chassis out of solid aluminum would multiply both our costs and weight by nearly eight times versus using aluminum square tubing. Knowing that all of our solidworks models were solid, this made it difficult to properly estimate the cost to manufacture our device using our models. Instead, we simply derived dimensions from our models, compared them to prices of raw materials, and calculated the estimated price by summing up raw materials and the anticipated labor requirements to assemble them. This is where our $60 to $120 price range for manufacturing is derived.

      Our device is intended to be used by both professionals and private landowners. We designed the product to have a level of complexity, ease of use and a price point somewhere in the middle of the existing solutions. This makes it a valid and effective option for professionals, while keeping it within reach of homeowners and amateur conservationists. For comparison, our $300 price point is similar to most push lawn mowers currently on the market, and due to its durable construction, the Root Ripper will surely be in service for many years after the initial purchase.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Any one of us would be happy to answer!

  4. Great job on your video. I have a couple of questions regarding your design –

    1) Why is Japanese barberry a problem? Where does it grow, how quickly, and what kind of damage does it do?

    2) What did you learn from stakeholders? Were you able to get feedback on your design? Are there any ergonomic concerns with operating the machine?

    3) How well do you think your 3 wheel design will work on uneven and hazardous terrain?

    4) Who is your customer? Who is going to own/operate your system?

    • Adam,

      Sorry for the delay in response! I hope these answers are what you were looking for!


      Japanese Barberry, as shown in the beginning of the video, is incredibly invasive. It is not indigenous to the United States. As an invasive species, it is beginning to take over forest undergrowth in most of the northeast and northern midwest US. You can see a map of its spread on this website: (https://www.eddmaps.org/distribution/uscounty.cfm?sub=3010). When it is introduced to a new ecosystem, either through animal transport of the digested berries or humans who use it as an ornamental shrub, it provides a good environment for ticks. Mammals such as white-tailed deer, chipmunks, mice, gray squirrels, opossums and raccoons can be infected by Lyme disease. It can wreak havoc by destroying diversification in plant life as it takes over forests and therefore damages the delicate balance of the food chain. This food chain example is incredibly important since arthropod communities, in particular, lose diversification and numbers, resulting in the potential loss of the entire lower food chain if a disease is invited in. In addition, Barberry dominates wooded areas and prevents other plants from growing. Since most herbivores lose access to local plants that their bodies have evolved to rely on as a food source, the inedible Barberry forces these animals to find other food sources. Those animals that remain lose the ability to move freely, as the thorn-covered plants span the entire forest floor.

      These are only some of the multitude of damages to animals caused by Japanese Barberry; examples for humans and plants include the fact that humans potentially lose property value from land that can’t be used without spending significant money on resources to remove the plant. Food crops have less of a chance of growing due to the acidification of the nearby soil, a defensive ‘feature’ of Japanese Barberry.
      One of the problems with Japanese Barberry is that it can grow almost anywhere. Its desire as an ornate, decorative plant comes from the fact that Barberry needs very little sun and water to grow. That is why it can be seen from the mountains of Vermont to the plains of Kansas. Once it moves into a new ecosystem, it can grow from 1 to 2 feet per year, reaching maturity in around 2 – 3 years.


      Our stakeholders have been an incredibly useful resource, especially since the COVID-19 quarantine impacted our ability to physically test as much as we wanted.

      We had input from many stakeholders into the design and concept, whether it was in the first steps of the project, or when looking at our final video. Primarily, our stakeholders were people who work on or own land that is infested with Barberry. One example is Douglas Paul, a landowner who forests his property. He spends multiple hours a week eradicating Barberry on the property you actually saw in the beginning of the video. He currently uses industrial equipment and chemicals, and his experience allowed him to give detailed advice for the design of the product. Other stakeholders include Kris Erikson, Principal Scientist/Habitat Restoration Specialist at Ecology and Environment, Inc. (Member of WSP) in Buffalo, NY, who advises clients on removing invasive species from ecosystems. He gave the team information and advice in the beginning of our project as he is very familiar with problems with the current methods of removal. His input is one of the primary reasons we focused on our mechanical solution. He stated he uses the Root Lever, but that he had issues with it.

      With the final design, other landowners served as stakeholders who looked into the complete project. They stated that they were really interested in seeing it in person and trying it out — they did not see any great flaws with the design and said its mechanical principles are sound in order to remove Barberry.


      The machine was designed to be ergonomically easier to use than current mechanical methods which require the user to manually carry the tool. At the same time, the user needs to put in great amounts of force for there to be enough leverage to pull the plant out. Our solution, by using interfaces most people who are working in the outdoors are familiar with (lawn mower handle and a motorcycle style brake lever for the claw), should be easy to control. In addition, rubber padding was added to make it more comfortable for the user. Look at this image of the handlebar here: (https://tinyurl.com/yd2hxxr5). In regards to its operation, since the force inputted by the user is multiplied by over 4 times, it will be much less strenuous for the user than competing designs.

      When transporting the Root Ripper on uneven terrain, the user should be transporting it by pulling it with the handlebars behind them. Since the front two wheels of the cart would then be in the rear, the user’s legs would act as the other two stabilizers. In addition, since the center of mass is not high above the wheel, there is very little chance the cart would tip, unless it is moved sideways on angles greater than 30 degrees, which a warning label informs the user of.


      This product is designed to be used by anyone who has Barberry or other invasive woody plants they wish to get rid of. However, due to its large size, and somewhat specific purpose, we suspect that most customers will be people and professionals working on larger tracts of land. The cart is small enough to fit in the rear of a pickup truck or on a standard trailer. Therefore, the majority of the stakeholders are those who would be using this product multiple times per year — land owners, park rangers and individuals who focus on removing invasive species.

      If you have any more questions, we would be happy to answer them!

      • Sorry — The “3.” should be one paragraph down!

  5. Hi team,
    Congratulations on making it to the final!
    I have a few questions:
    1 – There seems to be a height limit on the action – would that be enough to pull a bush out of the ground or will the mechanist need to be moved down the stem?
    2 – How does this mechanism differ/compare to a car jack or other currently available devices?
    Thank you!

    • Hello!


      We designed the travel distance for our claw with the intent of being able to remove the majority of Barberry plants in one motion. The root systems of Barberry plants tend to spread out laterally, rather than down into the earth, making the average root system only 12” deep. For special cases, and potentially when used on other plants, the mechanism is designed so you can pull up on the root, release the claw and let the handle swing back up, re engage the claw, and continue pulling. This design is great for removing plants at odd angles or any instance where the motion of the handle or claw is limited.


      According to stakeholder input, we found that only 300 pounds of upward force is required to uproot even the largest Barberry shrubs. We designed the device to be able to deliver 400 pounds of perfectly vertical force to the base of the stem, while minimizing both the force imputed by the user to 75 pounds, and the range of motion of the handle to 45 degrees. Essentially, we didn’t want only incredibly strong people to be able to use this device, or have to have a user push the handle all the way to the ground — this would compromise our ergonomics.

      Our design differs from a car jack, hydraulic or screw operated, due to its pulley system. While similarly priced car jacks can deliver up to six tons of force in the vertical direction, they require a lot of pumping, thus increasing the distance the handle would have to travel to achieve the same movement of the claw. The force similarly priced car jacks can exert is overkill for our application. Thus, when designing our device, we did not even use car jacks, or any pre-existing jacks for that matter, as source material. Instead we designed our product from scratch, for the sole purpose of extracting Barberry plants and other similar invasive species that have an impact our ecosystem.

      Overall, we believe our device stands out from anything available on the market because of its combination of accessibility and professional level results. Nothing currently on the market has bridged this gap between heavy machinery and home-use tools so effectively, especially when it comes to performing such labor intensive conservation work. It’s a tool that needs little to no maintenance and is maneuverable through tight spaces, yet performs the same job as heavy machinery, such as a tractor.

      Thank you! We’re here if you have any more questions!

  6. Especially nice work, team, with your Q&A! Good luck today!! Leslie

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