Cornerstone Design@Mines

Design I and Design II (formerly EPICS I & II) are one semester, three-credit design courses for undergraduates at Mines. The centerpiece of both courses is an open-ended design problem that students must solve as part of a team effort. This provides the practice that students need to become more skilled in the process of technical design as it is practiced in the workplace. Both courses aim to build students’ confidence in applying a variety of problem-solving concepts in order to solve complex, open-ended problems.


Design I (EDNS151)
Introduces students to the Mines’ design process through a wide open Call for Proposals.  Students learn and apply creative problem-solving skills, equitable teaming techniques, and technical hands-on skills. The team project requires application of both outgoing communications (graphical, oral, and technical writing), as well as incoming communications (interviewing, observations, and research).  

Design II (EDNS251)
Builds on the design process from Design I, challenging students to complete a more challenging technical problem with less supervision.  Client management is typically introduced, as are data analysis and modeling tools.