Workshop Safety & Policies


STOP:   Before you undertake your next task
THINK: About the risks you may encounter
OBSERVE: The hazards all around you
PROCEED: With care and attention

Workshop Policies

  1. Never use the shop alone. Use during shop supervision hours, or ask the shop supervisor for special permission off-hours.
  2. DO NOT perform a task you are uncomfortable with.  Talk to shop supervisor for training.  Note specific safety guidelines for each power tool.
  3. Personal Protective gear is located on the cart near front door:
    1. Closed toed shoes are required.
    2. Eye protection is required when construction is taking place in the shop
    3. Secure all loose clothing and long hair.  Loose hair must be tied back or covered to keep away from moving machinery.
    4. Work gloves and cut gloves are available for avoiding burns, blisters, and cuts.
    5. Dust masks and earplugs are available at your discretion.
    6. Long Pants are recommended.
  4. No toxic fumes inside the shop.  Use the area outside.
  5. Maintain a clean work area.  
  6. Call 911 in the case of any serious injury.  Report injuries to shop supervisor.
  7. Do NOT leave projects in workshop unless they are stored in a bin or in a table cubbie. (Warning: Projects left in workspace after closing will be disposed of).

Workshop Rules

  1. No more than 50 students are permitted to work in the shop at one time.
  2. Ensure shop is clean before beginning work.
  3. Clean up after yourselves.  
    1. Place tools back in proper location before leaving shop.
    2. Promptly clean up liquid spills.
    3. Dispose of scraps and sawdust.  Brooms and shop-vac are provided.
    4. Do not remove any tools or equipment from the shop.  There are supplies you may check out from the check-out cabinet at the EPICS front desk.
    5. Close the door and ensure it’s locked.
  4. Refer to Shop Safety Rules to avoid injuries. But, in case of injuries:
    1. First aid kit is available by the bathroom.
    2. If debris gets in eyes, wash thoroughly in eye wash station for at least 15 minutes.  If problem persists get professional help.
    3. Call 911 in the case of a serious injury.
  5. Keep walkways and workspaces stable and clear.  No extension cords across walkways, or tools balanced precariously on the edge of tables or shelves
  6. Read the product safety data sheet / instructions before using potentially toxic materials such as chemicals, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or insulation.
  7. Place any broken tool, blade, drill bit, etc. in the broken tools bin.
  8. Use tools and machines only for their intended purpose.  If unsure, ask.  
  9. Storage of projects is limited to those that are labeled with the owner’s name, email, and the date.  Please remove your project when the class is complete.  Abandoned items will be recycled.
  10. Mines Undergraduate students must use the shop under trained supervision.  Mines Graduate students may make arrangements with the shop supervisor to work outside open hours, but may not work alone.