Intro to Design


Introduction to Design classes meet three times per week: twice in a project section of 25 students led by a professor who also serves as manager, and once per week in a Skills Lab.

Students work in a team of four or five to learn and practice the fundamental skills of technical problem solving through the use of a guided design methodology, as applied to a very broad, challenging, real-world problem. EDNS151 is an active-learning, problem-based course, covering topics such as problem definition, decision making, effective group work, stakeholder engagement, prototyping, and presentation skills.


Using Arduinos

Want to learn the basics of Arduino? Thinking of using an Arduino kit it in your EDNS 151 Project? Here are some resources to get you started.

Learn more and buy supplies at these sites:

  • Sparkfun – Education, Code, Hardware sales
  • Adafruit – Education, Code, Hardware sales
  • Arduino – Education, Code, Hardware sales
  • Amazon – Hardware Sales